Avocado BLT

At Brambles we are always looking to be innovative with our menu. What we  have noticed from our first year at Brambles is that guests that are staying with us for a first night of a holiday will have a full English breakfast as its a treat and its not something you will have every day, however guests staying with us for the last part of their holiday, perhaps going home or having stayed at other B&Bs for a few days will have something light. With that in mind we have been looking to have a light, healthy choice on our menu that will fill this gap but above all it must be good looking.

Oftentimes if I am cooking breakfast we will have a repeat order as someone will see something delivered to another table and think “that looks nice, I will have the same”. If I am in a restaurant I will usually try something unusual as I like to imagine people will see it and think “this person has style”. Now I  am not saying that choosing this dish will bestow instant style but it does look good and I have tried it out on a few friends although one pointed out that Avocado is really good for your hair if you mash it and work it into the scalp,  obviously don’t do this in our dining room.

I was reading the other day that choice is not necessarily an act of free will as we are all influenced by so many other factors, how we are seen by others being one of them. It is very true that a picture speaks volumes and as the CEO of ‘Apple’ famously said “people don’t know what they want till you show it to them” so here is the picture of my fusion Eggs Benedict BLT with avocado & tomato.