Britain’s finest & fresh Raspberries

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At Brambles we use as many fresh ingredients as we can in our breakfasts, one of these ingredients is fresh raspberries. When you talk to keen gardeners they will tell you that there are essentially two distinct types of raspberry, Summer and Autumn varieties and they are both cultivated differently so they fruit seasonally.

Last year we bought raspberries from a local farmer but found we could not get any towards the end of the year as he only grew a summer variety. This year we planted our own Autumn fruiting variety so we could have fresh raspberries when the local grown ones ran out and the results are surprisingly good. What we have found is that having our own raspberries is quite good because we can use them in our cooking and pick them fresh each morning.
Claire has been making raspberry muffins for breakfast which are a nice alternative to the baked croissants and feedback from guests is quite positive.
It seems to me that B&B’s have come a long way in recent years in terms of how they have evolved, offering muffins for breakfast would be a bit odd a few years ago but now it is a nice addition to a modern breakfast offer. To us it has always been important to change our menu with the seasons and we have been working on a winter menu which reflects the area we live in but keeps all the best bits of B&B freshly cooked dishes.

Last week we were accepted onto the web site for ‘Britains finest B&B’s’. The web site will only accept a listing if it represents a good quality British B&B so we are very grateful to be included, one of the questions asked was to choose what type of B&B we represented from a list. We were not sure that up to that point that we had ever really thought about our B&B as a type but after looking at the options we chose contemporary modern, it seemed the best definition.

The modern small B&B will have several positive advantages over a larger hotel booking. When you stay in Brambles we are able to do the little things that make your stay a bit more special , our rooms have Free Wifi, many large hotels charge for this. Free Parking, often large hotels will add a surcharge for parking. At Brambles breakfast is included in the price of the room, large hotels have this as an additional option and charge up to £13 per head for a help yourself buffet. We put bottled water and fresh milk in your mini fridge and we bake you a homemade Lemon drizzle cake.

The modern B&B offers a more personal service, we only have 3 rooms and although we do the same things a good concierge service can provide such as book a taxi, book a table, advise on days out etc we also remember you as a person and not a room number.