Covid-19 Procedures

Guest safety

In compliance with the latest government advice we must ask all guests to present at arrival wearing a face covering. It will be necessary to wear a face covering in common area’s when not dining and we would ask guests to respect social distancing.

We would like to reassure our guests that we have taken on very strict cleaning protocols to make every stay with us safe and enjoyable. We have several stages of cleaning throughout the B&B.

First stage is a UV-C room steriliser. The UV-C Mobile Room Sterilising unit sterilises the air and surfaces using UV-C light, this kills bacteria and viruses by disrupting their protein structures in the air and on any surfaces.

The next stage is cleaning the room with normal sanitising cleaning products. This includes all surfaces, door handles, light switches, remotes. Beverage trays are replaced along with the contents of the complimentary teas and coffees.

All dressing gowns are removed and washed using soap and disinfectant in the washing machine.

Our towels and bedding are laundered industrially, so they are sanitised and wrapped for us.

Our third stage is to go over all the room, light switches, door handles and surfaces with a disinfectant spray, which is really lovely smell.

Finally our dining area has a Hepa air purifier which uses a 7 stage filtration system to help keep the air environment safer.

We ask you to use the hand sanitiser before entering the dining room.

Additional Covid-19 T&Cs

If you present yourself with Covid-19 symptoms during your stay and need to self-isolate for 14 days, you will be required to pay for the additional nights stay at full price along with any meals and beverages consumed during this time. Also, you will be responsible for paying any additional cost incurred by ourselves due to this.

If you are in isolation this means you are confined to your room for 14 days and unable to leave, as we live in the house it would endanger our lives if you were to leave your room.

Please make sure you have sufficient funds to cover this along with travel insurance.