Dinner Bed & Breakfast

Bed & breakfasts have changed so much in the past few years, they are no longer second best to the hotel world and now offer a much different experience which is changing all the time. The modern B&B will look to include many local ingredients from the area into its menu so that the experience of staying is reflected in the food. For us at Brambles we are in the Kent countryside so there is much to choose from.

What we have noticed is that guests sometimes just want to relax after a long drive to get here often having come many miles across England or mainland Europe and just want to enjoy the visit rather than be looking for somewhere to eat in unfamiliar surroundings. Similarly with a multinational clientele its nice to have something available that would be acceptable to all needs, so something light, healthy, easily identifiable and from our point of view have a wow factor.

Charcuterie platters or cheese boards have long been around since the 70’s and have undergone a revival in the restaurant business as they involve fresh ingredients and allow people to choose from a selection of things. Nowadays they go by the name of grazing boards or sharing platters, so what makes a good sharing platter ?

In a restaurant kitchen the chef will often experiment with combining different things together, sometimes because he has forgotten to order an ingredient and will make do with something else and out of necessity is born a whole new dish such as the amazing mackerel sneezer, much like chicken caesar but made with peppered mackerel. What you get with a sharing platter is an opportunity to try out many different flavours that would not always spring to mind so its good to take this chance to make the dinner plate your playground, linger over the dish and not be rushed because its already cold. The Brambles evening meal platter selection is pre ordered so it is ready for you when you arrive or for later in the evening, served in our dining room and is perfect for a relaxing night in.

Because no dinner should be without a dessert we have perfected three stunning deserts that just need to be eaten really, simply because you can. I recommend the souffle.