‘Dolly’ the trolley and modern technology

Its a very different world we find ourselves in at the moment , for us at Brambles we have used the requirement for a pre opening risk assessment to find new solutions to address how we clean and protect ourselves and guests from infection in and around the house. To do this we are using a blend of old traditional solutions and modern technology.

What became apparent was that with 3 guest rooms in occupation we could not allow sufficient time between arrival and departure to allow any remaining bacterium to dissipate after cleaning. The solution was to only offer two rooms at any one time, this also helped with distancing in the breakfast room.

Breakfast service and the hallway would be a point of confluence when all guests wanted to check in or out so we ask guests for an expected time of arrival. To keep the hallway air circulation moving and improve the air quality we looked to the new science that portable Hepa filters provide. These are a 7 stage filter system that include a catalytic stage, Plasma Ioniser and UVC stage.

In the breakfast room we looked to old tech and simple distancing measures, to serve guests breakfasts and ensure we got no closer than 2mtrs the solution is to offer breakfast in the bedroom for those who would like and to also remove a table from the breakfast room so that the tables are 4mtrs apart. In the breakfast room we bought two 1970’s looking trolleys that had been an unwanted wedding present for someone way back in the day and were still in their original boxes, we were glad to give them a purpose as a mobile sideboard and have nicknamed them ‘Dolly & Molly’. Service is to the movable trolleys so that the guest can take what they need and put used plates on it when they have finished with them for us to collect. We also have another air purifier in the room just to help with air flow. New tech meets 1970’s chic and I am not entirely sure which guests are more impressed by.

Bedroom cleaning is a vital part of our cleaning system, we use a portable UVC machine to clean the air and have an ozone generator for end of stay cleaning.

It would be a mistake to be over reliant on technology as a way of keeping safe, we have taken the view that everything helps just a bit for an overall fix, we wear a face mask in our common area’s and request guests do too, we have good quality sanitisers about the house also in guest rooms, we sanitise contact points frequently and follow guidelines for simple hand cleaning.

Its an odd thing but whichever way you look at it the currant circumstances have made so many changes in the way we go about our everyday lives and yet here we are using a 50 year old tea trolley as an integral part of our response, I wonder if the Hepa filter machine will last as long.