finding things in unlikely places

Every morning we make a fresh fruit salad using a mix of melon, grapes and local seasonal fruits, at the moment there are strawberries, raspberries & the beginnings of early blackberries. We have been buying from farm shops and the Co op in Sandwich  as they sell Kent grown fruit. When you come to Brambles you will probably drive through Shepherdswell which has a good ‘Pick your own’ run by the Blacksmith, this in itself is an unlikely combination but this is rural Kent and so useful things are in helpful places, when I took my car to the local repair garage I noted they sold coal by the sack as a side line. Back to the main story.

The Blacksmith has a lot of land which he has set to fruit and vegetable growing , at the moment there are pick your own Cherries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Redcurrants  and Courgette. On a recent trip there we picked Raspberries enough to make Jam as we are proud that Bramble has its own Jams . There are two reasons for this, quality and food miles.

Food miles are a way of understanding how far your food has travelled before it arrives on your plate, simply put the further your food travels the more pollution is generated by delivery vehicles so in theory locally grown or produced food items help the environment. I am minded each time we buy something to check if there is a viable local alternative and in an age when you often see people looking at the list of ingredients on label its not unreasonable to check where a thing is from.

When you make Jam its a tense wait to see if it will set in the jars , we must have looked at it and wobbled it a few dozen times and lamented that it was not set yet, its not unlike being on a long car journey “are we there yet”. Eventually tried it this morning on fresh cut toast… its better that any we have made before , it shouts ‘look at me I am a jam made from fresh Raspberries and Summer’.

Come to Brambles immediately and try this jam