Good beer hunting in Kent

During the long summer of 2020 we wanted to use the time wisely to look at what we do for evening dining, we have always made simple platters for guests coming pre Ferry or having driven from Europe as it is nice to unwind and not have to go out in search of an evening meal. The only thing missing was a nice glass of wine or Beer to go with it. This year with foreign holidays unlikely and most restaurants needing pre booking we have introduced a classic evening meal selection and stock some great drinks to go with them.

To sell Alcohol one needs to complete a license course and apply for an Alcohol licence, it takes time which we had plenty of so now we are a licenced B&B. One of the really great things about selling beers and wines is the looking for the right product to sell, we did not want just any thing that can be bought in a supermarket and we wanted to support local small breweries. Kent is famous for its hop growing and driving in the county you will come across fields of Hops on their lofty poles being grown in the same way they have been for hundreds of years. Each variety produces a different type of beer ultimately and brewers will mix varieties to get the beer they need, much of our is from East Kent Goldings, a variety that gives a spicy honey flavour. Much later in the season when the hops are still green brewers will produce a unique Green Hop Beer. To celebrate this there is a Green beer fortnight with a trail map showing all the different breweries taking part. The Green hop beer is packed full of flavour that I am told fades a bit after a while but sells so quickly that you seldom see it in the markets for long.

There are so many individual breweries in Kent all run by people dedicated to the production of the best brews and I really enjoy talking to the brewers as they are a mind of information, having missed out on a mis pent youth myself I am doubly grateful for the help with choosing a great beer as I think it comes with experience. We buy our beers from Canterbury ales brewery 15 miles away and there is a great range to choose from, we stock a Fruity Pale Ale, a hoppy Golden Bitter and a Kentish session IPA. It has always been a truism that just because it is local it doesn’t mean its better however in this case Local is way better and not found in supermarkets or outside Kent. Don’t take my word for it though just book a stay with us , maybe order an evening meal and try a nice cool beer.

There I got through an entire post without mentioning the Covid word… doh… just slipped out