Its the little things

Its the the little things in life that make a big difference and in the B&B world they are very important. At Brambles we always have in mind that our customers have spent time planning that trip away so we want our part in the event to be memorable because we looked after the detail.

This will be our second year at the Brambles which has  given us the opportunity to meet guests and learn what is important to them. One of our new things this year is making the coffee lounge area nice and homely, so I have been making fresh shortbread to go with the evening hot drink. I have been trying out different recipes as I want to get a version I am happy with, as a result Claire as been complaining because she has had to try each batch.

With recipes its so important to follow each step and accurately measure each ingredient as it makes a world of difference, I always think that someone somewhere spent a long time arriving at the optimal combination of ingredients.  Apparently Queen Victoria liked her shortbread flavoured with salt, I haven’t done that yet, well not since I accidentally put salt in custard thinking it was sugar  the resulting overreaction by family members makes me check now. I suspect this is a genetic thing as my mother once made a batch of jam with salt and sugar mixed when we were kids which was like having Chinese sweet & sour raspberry. We were all too uneducated to complain as we thought this was how homemade jam was meant to be. In any event I think I have this shortbread thing about right with the right amount of crispiness and flavour but dont take my word for it, come here immediately and try it.

If you google Brambles B&B it turns out there are quite a few with the same name around the world, all of course offer somewhere to sleep and breakfast so with that in mind we want ours to be well.. better some how. Search B&B’s with crispy non salty shortbread and a marshmallow toasting area… I dont suppose there are many.