Kent Tourism Awards, and the winner is…

Each year since 2017 ‘Visit Kent’ organise The Kent Tourism Awards, they are designed to recognise the work that individuals put into their small business and champion Kent as a great place to visit.

So what do Visit Kent do? Well, the list is quite long, the organisation helps small & medium size business that make up the majority of tourism business in the UK, they offer practical advice in business and promote standards across many visitor-related industries.

The Kent Tourism Awards are about motivating tourism businesses, it rewards exceptional standards of customer service and outstanding overall visitor experiences. Following an initial round of judging by an expert panel, the winners are decided by a round of mystery shopping. For us at Brambles, we have always been glad to champion Kent as a great place to visit. We are very proud of our good reviews and high guest scores, working hard to make each stay a memorable one for the guest, so we entered.

After a short while, Claire excitedly announced during breakfast that we had been shortlisted for the ‘small accommodation provider’ category, our rivals would be Broome Park Hotel and Frasers, both well-known venues and restaurants in the area, competition indeed. Some months later one of our guests announced she was the mystery shopper for Visit Kent and we spent the rest of the day worrying about her stay, had we done all the right things, did she like her breakfast? we would find out at the award ceremony perhaps.

The Award ceremony was actually on the same day as our wedding anniversary, Claire wore her lucky coat and when it came to our category we had not thought it could be us that would win, we were both in shock, as is evidenced by the pictures on the day.

I think for us it is a Benchmark of how far we have come since we set out on this journey to build a small business in an area we love, it has given us the opportunity to showcase all the things we like to do in hospitality and meet such interesting people from all over the world. Thank you Visit Kent for all you do in the industry, we look forward to ‘Kent’y 20’ with huge anticipation, now where did I put my application for Masterchef?