Marshmallow toasting at the Brambles

Autumn is coming fast and we have just completed the Patio area project that has been on our list for some time now. Originally we just wanted somewhere for guests to sit but we had an idea or rather Claire did, “what we need she said is somewhere to toast marshmallows, there’s nothing better on a winters evening” and it seems she may be right.  When you think about it not many B&B’s have a marshmallow toasting area and if you google marshmallows it seems they are universally regarded as a nice treat.

Marshmallows are apparently best enjoyed hot, sitting outdoors on a cool clear night wrapped in a warm blanket , so we put together all the ingredients and have tried it out.  There is a real pleasure in toasting a marshmallow just right so it turns the perfect colour and sitting around a fire in the evening brings reminders of other times.

Obviously there are hazards in doing this and the ‘Mr Safety’ in me did a risk assessment on what could go wrong , flames, pointy sticks and melting marshmallow immediately came to mind as a hazard so we need to advise you of the following.

Fire pit is hot and will burn if you touch it

The garden will be uneven and have different levels so watch where you step

Melting marshmallow can burn your mouth if eaten too quickly

Bamboo skewers used for toasting are sharp so watch what you are doing with it

and lastly, eating hot marshmallow around the fire is addictive and you will want to return soon, which is good.

Happy toasting