Raspberry souffle

At Brambles we have a small garden that guests can sit in, it has comfy seats and is great at most times of the day to just listen to the birds and relax in after a long journey. When we shaped the garden we had a small patch left that we didn’t know what to do with so we thought it might be good to grow fresh produce in that we could use in our dishes. This year has yielded a bumper crop of late raspberries so we have been using them each morning as part of our breakfast fruit.

We have been trying them out in our own Souffle dish that we have on the menu for evening menu choices and the result is a light fresh souffle that is a pleasure to taste. It takes 8 minutes to cook and is made using Kent eggs so it could be said its a true made in Kent product. Eythorne and the surrounding villages are surrounded by crop fields which in the summer are an artist’s palate of colour, the small lanes and hedgerows hide the fact that we are a short distance from the busy port of Dover. The white cliffs area is both the first part and the final end of many holidays for european guests travelling to all parts of the UK so what we aim to provide is a welcome break from travel, good food and a glimpse of Kent life.