Samphire Hoe, a modern piece of history

Guests at Brambles B&B sometimes ask us to recommend a day out if they are here for a couple of days, one of our favourites is Samphire Hoe. It is not as well known as its larger neighbours Dover Castle or White cliffs experience however it is fantastic way to view the White cliffs from below in all their drama.

It has all the appearance of having been there a long time but is in fact relatively modern in historical terms. This section of park land has been formed from soil removed from the sea bed during tunnelling process of the Channel tunnel. During the construction of the Channel tunnel some 5 million cubic meters of soil were extracted from the sea bed and it was economical to use it at this point rather than transport it. Great care has been taken to make the landscape at Samphire Hoe fit in this dramatic setting. Sea Samphire seeds were sown into the cliffs as part of the larger plans to encourage wildlife and biodiversity. Back in 1994 when Eurotunnel ran a competition to find a suitable name for the site a combination of Samphire and ‘Hoe’ which is the name for a piece of land that juts out into the sea was the winning entry. Now the area created is home to over 200 species of birds, large numbers of plants as well as cows and sheep, it has won Green flag awards for its environmental quality and has been a film location setting.

The approach to the park is via a traffic light controlled tunnel off the main A2 , it is sign posted and parking is pay and display. The park has a visitors centre and a small cafe which is nice after a gentle walk. Build it into your itinerary as part of a days sight seeing you wont be disappointed.