Say it with a Cappuccino


At the Brambles bed & breakfast we are always looking for new things to surprise our guests, we have always thought it is the little things that make the difference so when a guest asked about a Cappuccino the other day we were dismayed that we had not thought about it before.  Having spent some time in Coffee shops trying all the ingenious varieties of coffee it is amazing how much goes into the production of a coffee when the bottom line is often what cup it is in and who you can pretend to be when they ask for your name  ( I used to pretend my name was Sven, it sounded good) .

So not to be outdone we have bought a milk frother and templates for the finishing touches , so many templates arrived in fact that we can now say almost anything on the top of your coffee from good morning to IOU (that was meant to say “I heart shape U” but didnt come out right.

We have been practising making coffee’s and doing decorative finishes and we can now say yes we can do a Cappuccino.