The edible garden

As this is our first year at the Brambles B&B we have spent time making a garden that is a combination of Beech hedging augmented with seasonal edible things such as runner beans, tomatoes, rhubarb, courgettes & potatoes. These make a great backdrop to the garden and make a good talking point over breakfast. I bought some of these as seedlings from Sandwich market, among them a tray of 6 courgette plants which may not all have been courgette as I appear to have Pumpkins growing as well. The tomatoes I trained up some bean poles and are just on the point of going red ,  I plan to use them in part of the breakfast offer as I think they will be fresh & full of flavour.

I have been researching mushroom growers in Kent as I have been hoping to have a complete Kentish breakfast but I note there are only two growers in the whole of Kent which gets you looking to see where the shop bought ones are grown. Apparently they are mainly Irish & Dutch at this time of year.

A long time ago a grumpy old head chef showed me how to Cook mushrooms perfectly so that they are almost a meal in themselves, he used a hearing aid as he was deaf but found that the extractor fans interfered with the volume and made a high pitched screeching so he would not wear it. This meant he would spend the dinner service time shouting loudly at everyone , not unlike being in the Army really, he would advise “what we are doing here is cooking every single thing perfectly so that when they come together on the plate the customer knows we are chefs and not cowboys”.

At Brambles we aim to use the freshest ingredients we can so that the Breakfast is simple but well seasoned , I would like to use as many local ingredients as possible but the search goes on for mushrooms