The pancake stack

I have been looking over our menu here at Brambles as we have a few items that include Kent strawberries which will soon be unavailable. The pancake stack has a topping of strawberries so will need changing to an alternative and I have tried out some versions in the hope of keeping a Kentish product.

Talking to a local gentleman with purple stained hands the other day, he remarked that the hedgerows are laden with blackberries at the moment which apparently means it will be a hard winter.  Claire and I have been blackberry & blackcurrant picking the other day and I tried out a mixed fruit topping which looked and tasted great with a honey yogurt side dish, this will be on our menu shortly as a seasonal choice.

Looking to the season change I have been cooking a version with oranges. Yes, I know its not a Kent product but there are fewer fruit items available in the Autumn other than apples. Although we can get apples grown a mile away they will need something to lift and complement the taste. This orange and cinnamon pancake stack with creme fraiche is enhanced with the light maple syrup base. And whilst it is true that not everyone likes a sugar laced breakfast they are none the less very nice, as Claire will tell you.

So I plan to offer both as a choice, they are simple, nice tasting pancakes that are freshly cooked in the time it takes to pour the coffee and wonder just what it is that the squirrels are eating in the garden.