Twice baked cheese souffle

This week we have been trying out a new breakfast idea I had in the summer that I thought might be good as an alternative to our rosti potato, its a twice baked cheese souffle. Here are the finer points.. its vegetarian, its gluten free and is a light breakfast choice leaving you space to have other things.

So why twice baked ? well essentially they are cooked the night before and finished in the morning when you order them for breakfast, the recipe is designed to allow for a second cooking much like twice cooked chips. For this version I am using mature cheddar and serving it with roast baby tomatoes and mushrooms. It takes 12 minutes to cook so help yourself to some of Claire’s fresh baked pastries with homemade Jam while you wait.

Many traditional B&B’s are only open for the summer as they are located in places that are seasonal, thus follow a tried and tested blueprint. At Brambles we welcome the autumn with a change of menu. For us there has never been a blueprint so we try new things that we think might be acceptable for our customers many of whom come from all over the world. We are proud of our breakfast menu as we think it has something for most tastes, what we also offer is a ‘special of the day’ this is normally something that we have practised and we think will be a nice surprise. Look for the little chalkboard on your breakfast table when you come here and see what our special of the day might be.