Using time wisely

At Brambles B&B in Eythorne Kent we understand that it is hard to imagine during these sad and difficult days that there will be a time when we can allow ourselves to think of the future. We have needed to close our doors and adapt to a different way of life. Our lives are so busy that suddenly finding ourselves with little to do leaves a huge hole and you re evaluate.

The one positive that this dark cloud has given us is time and we have been using this opportunity to ensure that when we are able to re open our doors we are in the best position to welcome our visitors back. Luckily before the DIY shops closed we bought lots of paint so we could freshen the house room by room, someone once remarked that only the Queen thought everywhere smelled of fresh paint but whichever way you look at it there is a lovely clean smell to it.

We have also been exploring the local area as we are able to go on exercise walks each day and have discovered a great many footpaths, as this is a semi rural area you seldom meet many people out walking and the paths take you clear of roads.

The countryside around Eythorne is full trails and is a confluence for a few of the main walking routes such as the North Downs way, Via Francigena and miners trail. In the past we have hosted guests that have been walking from Canterbury to Dover and never really understood the draw, now we have had the opportunity to experience it, albeit on a small scale I think we see it.

So in summary the countryside is still here waiting for you to explore it, Brambles B&B smells of fresh paint and we look forward to better times.