Vegan breakfast

On a recent day out we had lunch in a vegan cafe, not because we are vegans but because we understand just how difficult it is to cook vegan, to us it goes against everything we have learned in cookery, when you are used to having butter, milk, eggs &  cheese to use it comes as a challenge to not have them, its almost like going back to cookery school.

I read an article the other day that mentioned that there is an estimated 3.5 million vegans in the UK so it is almost inevitable that at any point some of them might come to stay with us. For our part we have always prided ourselves on being quite forward thinking, most of our breakfast menu is gluten free and we have our own vegetarian options, so its only right that we look to include a few vegan options. When you think about it why should someone not have the same choice if they are looking to stay in a B&B, otherwise for vegans it would be more a case of bed & limited breakfast.

For this pancake stack I have used soy milk, a vegan egg replacement, gluten free flour and coconut oil to stop sticking. It is served with dairy free yogurt, maple syrup, fresh raspberries & banana. It is equally fluffy as a standard pancake stack.

I have been practising a courgette, spring onion & carrot fritter, it is packed with herbs & spices for a great flavour. I have found it is enhanced with a side of herb mushrooms & grilled tomato. Come and give it a try.

If 2019 is set to be the year of veganism as every trend forecaster and trend analyst predicts then as far as Brambles B&B  are concerned we offer a vegan breakfast dishes on our menu. Why settle for bed & limited breakfast,