Vegan roasted mushrooms and tomatoes

At Brambles we have been working on new menus and breakfast ideas. We realise that eating habits change and we need to offer choices of breakfast dishes that move with the times. For our menu we like to keep the traditional English breakfast that is a standard in any B&B but we also offer daily specials each day that give a chance to try something different.

In recent years we have been learning to cook vegan dishes because the science involved needs a completely different approach to cooking. Using ingredients in new ways is a great way to discover whole new things that we never thought of before, recently we discovered that roasting mushrooms in soy, balsamic and smoked paprika makes them taste wonderful, no soggy mushrooms, who would have thought it. This particular dish we have added to our daily specials collection. For this dish we used a variety of mushrooms called ‘forestiere’ which are a newer variety of mushroom, they are sweeter than ordinary button mushrooms but go well with fresh herbs that we grow in the garden.

Different types of mushrooms need cooking in their own unique way as the water content is greater in some but they are an important part of a breakfast menu as they are crammed with healthy properties, even being linked to boosting your immune system. An interesting fact is that mushrooms are neither plant nor animal though are often described as vegan meat owing to their ability to boost savoury flavours in food.

I guess for us it’s all about continuing to learn new things and moving with food trends however be reassured we will still be cooking our full English and freshly made pancakes.