we want to make you happy


The colder nights have really begun to kick in lately and we have seen the crops rapidly being harvested in the fields so the landscape is a little bare … time to change our menu a bit so we reflect the changing seasons.

I read an article the other day that talked about foods and their effect on your mood, apparently the Americans have invented ‘happy crisps’ so called because they contain ingredients that act as natural anti depressants. The cynical side of me says all very well but eating lots of crisps to make you feel happy is a bit counter productive if you gain 5 stone.

There are plenty of foods that have the ability to improve your mood that are natural, some things just make you smile because they put you in a mellow place ( with me it has always been Lemon meringue pie) but some contain endorphin releasing agents that make you feel happy,  the article further went on to list a few and give them a happiness rating out of 5

No big surprise in that Chocolate was rated 5 but what I noticed was that Oranges were 4 which is good because I have just changed our summer strawberry pancake stack to a fresh oranges and cinnamon one.  Claire and I have been experimenting with this version as we are using homemade syrups to finish it with and we we think we have got it right though Claire is complaining because she has had to try out each version and now needs some of those American ‘happy crisps’.

The Blacksmiths down the road is selling  lovely Apples , really good colours and flavours so we bought some of each and have been producing a Autumn special Apple waffle with cinnamon orange syrup, this too seems to be making guests happy so what we are saying here is however the rest of the day turns out we will start it with a happy breakfast.