Wellington’s boots

Brambles bed & breakfast is located centrally between Canterbury, Sandwich, Deal & Dover so staying here gives the perfect opportunity to visit some of the best locations that White cliffs County can offer.


A must see when you stay here is beautiful Walmer Castle, created as a fort by Henry VIII it has been a residence for the Duke of Wellington, William Pit the youngest Prime minister in English history & the Queen Mother. It is packed with history and brought alive by the English Heritage team that look after it.

Because no Brambles blog would be complete without some reference to food I was glad to see the Castle cafe had a traditional Sunday lunch menu and was serving homemade cheese scones which reminded me of a recipe I had from a lady that owned a cafe in Ramsgate. She would make 24 scones each day that always sold out, they were served with gooseberry jam & a pot of Brook Bond Tea. Some things are timeless & a visit to Walmer Castle shows you how layers of history can exist together.

Only 7 miles from Brambles the Castle is located on the shore, it has an award winning garden and is just a walk alongĀ  the foreshore to the town of Deal with its shops, restaurants & pier