Whilst waiting for Brexit

It has been a little quiet this week on the B&B front, the weather hasn’t helped much. A large proportion of our guests stay with us pre or post catching the ferry or a cruise boat from Dover so we thought it might be the uncertainty around Brexit. If the news is to be believed there might be chaos at the borders and food shortages. As one of our well travelled guests put it “It will undoubtedly sort itself out in time, in the meantime let’s just carry on as normal”

We have a group of friends that come to visit about once a month, when they come and I try out new deserts on them , its just showing off really but I always try something new. There are always great discussions about new things and one lady who cooks really well is a great gadget queen. When she recommends something you know it must be good as she spends ages looking at a thing before buying it, so I bought this new griddle for our potato rosti. Traditionally they are pan fried but this can make them high fat so a griddle is perfect. It seems to be working really well.

In the meantime whilst the country holds its breath over what will happen with Brexit, the county of Kent and Brambles B&B will just carry on as normal, so here is a nice cup of tea on the patio and breakfast picture showing my new griddled Rosti , just in case you too like to carry on as normal.